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Fatema Kawser

As the founding department of the University of Dhaka, Department of Bangla has own glory and heritage. Renowned scholar M.M. Haraprasad Shastri graced the department as the Professor and Head of the Department from the very beginning. Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah who started teaching as Lecturer of Bangla at the same time. Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah became the Head of the Department of Bengali when it was separated from Sanskrit in 1937. For the last one hundred years the teachers, students and related personals played literally central role in the academic, cultural-political and social arena of Bangladesh.

Currently, the Department of Bangla offers a four-year B.A. (Honours) course and a one-year Master's course. It also provides M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes. A four-year semester system of teaching and letter grade system of evaluation has been introduced at the B.A. Honours level from the Academic year 2006-2007.

The website of the department contains necessary notices, information of the activities, syllabus, publications etc., and hence plays very necessary role to disseminate the past of the department as well as present activities. I hope that the educational activities of the department will be further enhanced in joint efforts by teachers and students of the Department. In this case, this website will play a collaborative role.

Thanks to the dedication of the teachers, students, researchers, staff, the University authority, our
friends and partners in various sectors, and very special thanks to those who properly maintain the site.

Fatema Kawser, PhD
Professor & Chairman, Department of Bangla