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Dr. Mihir Lal Saha

On the first of July 2021, the symbolic centenary of the establishment of Dhaka University has been celebrated led by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman.

The Department of Botany is a traditional department in the Faculty of Biology. At the same time, the department celebrated its 68th founding anniversary.

Since the birth of the department, many eminent teachers and scientists have contributed to the teaching and research of the department.

In the past, due to the relentless efforts of our esteemed teachers and their dedicated researchers, quality research has been published in various branches of Botany.

Their combined efforts have enriched the subject of botany. Currently the same trend continues. Through advanced technology and training, the esteemed teachers of the department are conducting up-to-date research in various branches of the department and their research achievements have further enhanced the prestige of the department

After graduating from this department, many meritorious students are working in the country and abroad and have made Bangladesh famous.

At present, there is a reign of terror in the country and all over the world due to the outbreak of Cavid 19 pandemic and together the economic downturn market is going on.

Beyond the realm of terror, highly qualified teachers in every higher education of the department are always engaged in online teaching and research. At the same time, the officers and employees of the department are always carrying out all the activities in compliance with the restrictions of lockdown.

BS Honors, MS, M.Phil. and PhD students of the department are learning online and engaging in research accordingly.

The trained teachers of the department and the meritorious and strong students are all preparing for the online exams and soon we, the teachers and the students will overcome this battle together. And in the midst of this progress, the Department of Botany will establish Dhaka University and Bangladesh at a new level in the court of the world.

Prof. Dr. Mihir Lal Saha


Department of Botany

University of Dhaka