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Mrs. Shaharia Afrin

The emergence of Criminology as a discipline coincides with the modern state, with increasing significance being seen to understand not only how crime is committed but also its nature, motivations, patterns and prevention mechanisms. Founded in 2012 under the faculty of social sciences, the Department of Criminology provides a one of a kind academic environment to students with a keen interest in understanding crime and deviance.

Our courses include but are not limited to studying crime, understanding offending patterns, motivations, and societal frameworks associated with criminality, human rights violations, juvenile delinquency, victimology, terrorism, organized crime & corruption, cybercrime, and forensics, among others. Our dynamic faculty staff encourage our students to understand crime from multidisciplinary perspectives including sociology, law, psychology, and journalism.

The department offers a regular undergraduate program, and a master’s program along with professional master’s, M. Phil and PhD degrees. Our programs are designed to meet students’ needs and ensure they excel in academics and extracurricular activities. Annual international conferences, colloquiums, cultural weeks, research outside the classroom, internships and various other academic activities are ensured through strong partnerships by the memorandum of understanding with renowned national and international universities and government organizations.

The department prioritizes the student experience and strives towards the facilitation of students. With our own seminar library, computer lab and state of the art classrooms, students enjoy a well-equipped curriculum that is output based. We have a strong alumni network consisting of some of the top officers of Bangladesh law enforcement agencies, lawyers, crime journalists and researchers.

Shaharia Afrin


Department of Criminology

University of Dhaka.