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Monira Parveen

The Department of Dance under the Faculty of Arts has started its journey in 2014 and this is the very first department that plays a very significant role to provide academic education on classical and other forms of dance in Bangladesh at the University level.

Among all the performing arts, Dance is the most delicate, skillful and exquisite art form. It is the aesthetic presentation of soulful expression of human emotions passionately choreographed through intense body movements, rhythm, melody, facial expression and joyfulness.

At present Department’s curriculum is representing and covers all the components of the necessary aspects of different forms of Dance like Manipuri, Bharatanatyam, Kathak and other traditional forms. We have five very competent regular faculty members having degree in Dance from different foreign universities who are specialized in Manipuri, Bharatantyam and Kathak.

Our goal is to produce competent dancers, researchers as well as professional academicians in the field of dance in all over the world. The Department will facilitate both theoretical and practical knowledge’s in the field of dance which will open new horizon and opportunities for the pupils.

I hope the academic activities of this department will be enhanced further more by the help of all the stakeholders of this department.