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Nasimul Khabir

Welcome to the web-page of the Department of Sculpture!

Historically sculpture is an important art form. Real three-dimensional objects in real space—this is the signature characteristic of sculpture. During the various phases of history, numerous materials and techniques have diversified the presentation of sculpture. Along with being a practice of personal artistic expression, sculptures have been presented in open space and as part of architecture. Thus, the art form has been widely connected with mass people and public life. We, in this department, strive to furnish a complete understanding of the language of sculpture from this rich historical perspective and to make our students deft in expressing themselves in three dimensions. Our present curriculum gives importance in nourishing the creative abilities of our students and helping them to find their own idioms through experiments. We inspire them to use new materials, try new techniques and media along with the assimilation of traditional sculptural practices. Our aim is to reveal the artistic possibilities within each of our students by individually nurturing their inherent talents and sensibilities. We, the faculty members, act as their mentors in realizing their full potential as sculptors of the future.


Department of Sculpture

University of Dhaka