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Dr Subrota Kumar Saha

Greetings from the Department of Geology, the oldest institution in Geological sciences education, training and research in Bangladesh.Since its inception in 1949, the department continued to grow through progressive changes in academic programs as well as building infrastructural and research facilities to become the center of excellence for teaching and research in the region.

Knowledge of geology is pivotal for sustenance of the modern civilizations. Without georesources, such as petroleum, natural gas, coal, minerals and water /groundwater, the advancement of civilization or a country is unthinkable. Geology is not only restricted to exploration of georesources, it also deals with the environmental degradation, climate change and geohazards like earthquake, volcanism, landslide etc.

The department has been playing the central role in disseminating knowledge on various aspects of geology and producing professonal geologist to serve the national interests as well as to contribute in the interntional arena.Researches by our faculty members and students have significant impacts in addressing national and global issues like energy crisis, groundwater contamination, geohazards assessment and mitigation, environmental pollution and sustainable development. Our alumni are working in various professional organizations at home and abroad with reputations.

The depertment welcomes those who want to pursue higher studies and research in geology and keen to work together for a better planet Earth by facing the future challenges of sustainable development.