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Dr. Md. Rahmat Ullah

Message from the Chairman

It is with a profound sense of honour and enthusiasm that I extend my heartfelt greetings to all students, faculties, and staff of the Department of Law, University of Dhaka.

In my capacity as the Chairman, I wish to commend the Department of Law on achieving its centenary milestone in the year 2021. As one of the founding faculties of the University of Dhaka, the Department and its students have indisputably crafted a legacy, positioning itself as one of the most successful law schools in Bangladesh.

Our success finds its roots in a distinctive approach that involves a harmonious collaboration among the judiciary, the bar, and legal academia. This symbiotic relationship has been instrumental in fostering excellence, positioning our university at the forefront of legal education for our generation.

The unwavering commitment of the Department of Law to providing students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education is highly commendable. The university not only imparts knowledge but also equips students with the requisite tools and facilities needed to confront the social and moral challenges of our contemporary era. Indeed, through clinical legal education, national and international moot court competitions, the Department plays a pivotal role in helping students pursue excellence beyond academics. The Department also facilitates and supports the students’ participation in their extra-curricular pursuits such as sports, debating, and an array of cultural activities. Furthermore, through national and international collaboration with various government as well as non-government research organizations and think-tanks, the Department enriches its research and knowledge base with a view to offering cutting-edge education to the students. Recognizing the world’s urgent need across intellectual, professional, and political spheres, we firmly believe that our students are poised to answer the calls of the hour.

Our vision transcends traditional legal education, aspiring to nurture legal and ethical values, promote the rule of law, and contribute to the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of Bangladesh. The Department’s focus on disseminating legal knowledge for national development underscores our dedication to enhancing public understanding of legal implications on contemporary issues.

Crucially, our commitment extends to making legal education synonymous with justice education—an instrument of sustainable social, political, and economic change. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the principles of fairness and justice that should undergird our legal system. As legal education traverses the intellectually liberating path of inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary study to address the challenges of globalization, the Department recognizes the importance of adapting legal education to the ever-evolving global landscape.

As we collectively celebrate Bangladesh's progress, we must also acknowledge the challenges that face us, particularly in ensuring fair and equitable progress across social and national spheres. I encourage all members of the Department of Law, University of Dhaka, to persist in their pursuit of excellence, upholding the values of justice, social sensitivity, and commitment to the constitutional morality of Bangladesh.

Together, let us strive to set distinct standards and make a lasting impact in both the legal as well as social spheres.

Warm Regards,

Prof. Dr. Md. Rahmat Ullah

Chairman, Department of Law

University of Dhaka