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Dr. A. B. M. Shahidul Islam

I am privileged to work in collaboration with a galaxy of outstandingly successful and competent academics in the Department of Marketing (DoM), University of Dhaka (DU). It can be stated indubitably that the DoM is one of the major sections of academic activity, under the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. The DU distinct sphere of knowledge and expertise, in all likelihood, might be credited with possessing highly qualified and experienced faculties, a particular group of experts who are scholarly and wholeheartedly involved in dedicating incalculable efforts to ensure quality education for students—enrolled at different programs, offered under the Department. All the academic programs are facilitated with modern classrooms, containing the state-of-the-art equipment encompassing multimedia, digital board, internet network, Wi-Fi services, modern sound system, sophisticated Computer Lab and the like. Prioritizing continual innovation and interactive learning inside the classroom is viewed to be a prime concern to the programs, a strategy that is likely to contribute to the nation-building tasks.

The caring attitude of the faculties substantively proves effective in working in conformity with the needs and priorities of the student population. The simply discoverable attribute of the hard-working faculties can be best explained by illustrating relentless efforts they make to impregnate the consciousness of learners with the glimpses of knowledge, tools and techniques, so that they can meet any likely challenge in the future to come at national and international level. One of the prime objectives of the Department includes bringing the intrinsic talent out of the students, letting the future leadership of corporate world fall upon them. It is notable that the DoM, in harmony with the ever-changing, evolutionary, and dynamic nature of marketing, incorporated certain state-of-the-art courses such as Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing and the like in its course curriculum in order to update the students on the cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

The DoM offers an adequate number of scholarships for meritorious and financially challenged students. Moreover, it arranges seminars, symposiums and workshops on current issues of marketing on a regular basis, and invites accomplished corporate icons and personalities to participate in the events. The matter of fact is that those celebrated personalities share their experience from the real-life situations with students and give birth to an enabling environment for them to obtain practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The resourceful status of the DoM is attributable to the functioning of “Marketing Alumni Association” (MAA), an apex organization of the Department. MAA has been playing an active role in offering many a scholarship for the students of the Department, placing them for internships in various reputed companies across the country and sponsoring several programs involving freshers’ orientation; job fair; sales fair, etc. held under the auspices of the DoM.

I find the glimmer of hope that all those—whose academic upbringing is cropping up within the womb of the DoM—will achieve plenty of scope to build an insight into the vast implications of marketing, a systematically developed conceptual framework, which, as one of the major presuppositions of entrepreneurial development leads to success, glory, and power, being achieved in the context of universal human situations.

Dr. A. B. M. Shahidul Islam
Department of Marketing