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Dr. S. M. Abdur Rahman

The Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, revolutionized pharmacy education in the country, was established in 1964, is the first and foremost research-intensive institution providing pharmacy education in Bangladesh. This department is dedicated to providing high-quality pharmacy education to contribute country's Pharmaceutical and health-care system.

The Department offers a five-year B. Pharm. Professional degree which includes various theoretical courses, extensive laboratory works, research and project works, and six months intensive hospital training and one month industrial training. Department also offers M.Phil. and PhD programmes. The pharmacists have an enormous job opportunity in various fields both home and abroad like pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, dispensing pharmacy, drug regulatory agencies, different government and non-government health related institutes, cosmetics industry, API industry and research organizations etc.

Our educational mission and vision is to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life of Bangladeshi people by educating students, excellence in innovation, conducting research, professionalism and leadership through engaging in health care system and clinical practice. We prepare our students as most skilled health professionals, are capable of compounding and dispensing medications, manufacturing and development of safe, effective and high quality world class standards pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, etc. for the people of Bangladesh. Our graduates are also experts on clinical health care services including promotion of safe and efficacious medications and providing rational drug use information to the patients for the positive health outcomes.

Our students involve developing and conducting different interdisciplinary research on pharmaceutical drug discovery, dosage form design, natural product chemistry, drug delivery techniques, molecular biology, practice-based innovative medication management, analytical chemistry, public health etc. We value the discovery, practical application, acquisition and dissemination of up-to-date knowledge, skill & technology and will continuously work to foster these valuable activities in pursuit of fulfilment of our missions to prepare our student for ever growing challenges of the academia, pharmaceutical industry and community. We exchange innovative and transformative learning experiences to develop our highly meritorious students as integral members of our national health care team and prepare them for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare problems.