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Dr. Shah Kawthar Mustafa Abululayee

The Department of Philosophy has been an integral part of the academic landscape since the inception of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Dhaka on July 01, 1921. Initially, it was one of the ten independent departments within the Faculty. Notably, during the 1952-53 academic year, the department underwent a significant transformation, adopting the new name “Department of Philosophy and Psychology.”

In a pivotal development, the Department of Psychology later emerged as an independent entity in August 1965, separating from the Department of Philosophy. This marked a strategic evolution, allowing both departments to further specialize in their respective fields.

Shaheed Dr. Govinda Chandra Dev, who made a remarkable philanthropic gesture before his passing, significantly contributes to the department’s legacy. Dr. Dev generously donated 50% of his total movable and immovable property for research in philosophy, mainly focusing on areas such as human welfare, social progress, universal brotherhood, and world peace. His vision materialized in establishing the Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies within the Department of Philosophy in 1980.

The Dev Centre is a hub of intellectual activity, regularly publishing two journals—Darshan O Pragati in Bangla and Philosophy and Progress in English. Furthermore, the Centre organizes monthly seminars and an annual Dev Memorial Lecture, fostering a vibrant academic community within the Department.

In alignment with its commitment to societal well-being, the Philosophy Department took a proactive step in 2009 by establishing the Moral Development Centre (Noitik Unnayan Kendra). This initiative reflects the Department’s dedication to eradicating injustice, crime, and corruption while simultaneously aiming to elevate moral consciousness and habits among the general public.

These milestones underscore the rich history and multifaceted contributions of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Dhaka, solidifying its position as a dynamic center for academic excellence, research, and societal development.