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SM Imran Hossain

The Department of Television, Film, and Photography is the country’s first public university dedicated to television and film as an academic discipline. The department’s mission is to create and disseminate knowledge and expertise about creative industries such as film and television. At a time when the television industry desperately needed a trained workforce, the department was launched. Additionally, a moribund film industry sought skilled and creative filmmakers to inject energy into its revival. The department filled a critical need by filling the void in educational training for television journalism, documentary, filmmaking, and criticism.

To provide students with hands-on training in television journalism and program production, filmmaking, and animation, the department has a state-of-the-art professional television studio, graphics lab, and technical resource centre. In addition, the Department seminar library has an impressive collection of media studies, film, television and journalism-related books and journals. We are also privileged to have a rare collection of classic films and documentaries in the department.

A two-year Master’s program in Television and Film Studies was introduced in 2012, and a four-year undergraduate program was introduced in 2013. Most of our graduates are successfully employed by Bangladeshi television stations and film companies. Students have already received several prestigious awards for their graduate film productions at national and international levels. A remarkable number of alums are now pursuing higher studies abroad.

DUTV, the flagship internet protocol (IP) TV channel of the University of Dhaka, is run by students in the Department. It regularly produces TV news reports and various programs. In addition, the TFP Film Club, the TFP Photography Club, and BAHAS (The Debating Club) are active student clubs of the department. Club members regularly organise workshops and interactive sessions with industry experts.

We provide a supportive academic environment that enables students to thrive and achieve their full potential. In addition to providing outstanding mentoring and engaging student experiences, the Department’s highly qualified and dedicated faculty members are experts in various fields. The Department’s faculty members frequently contribute to government policy-making in the broadcast and film industries.