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Mrs. Kazi Tamanna Haque Sigma

Greetings from Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka

Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka, is a legendary institution in Bangladesh for practice and experimentation of oriental and occidental theatre. The department has had a great impact on developing the cultural initiatives and environment of Dhaka University for the past 15 years by regularly organizing the University of Dhaka Central Theatre Festival. The focus of the department is on practice-based research through confrontations with audiences and field movements to make the academic process much more organic.

It is a great pleasure for us that our department has achieved a vibrant prestige in the cultural arena of Bangladesh. Currently, Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka, has become a special phenomenon in the international academic and cultural ground, with its sparkling theatrical productions, participation and organizing many research seminars, international symposiums, and international theatre festivals.

Besides our offer of Graduation, Post-graduation, M.Phil. and PhD degrees in the field of Theatre and Performance, we intend to carry on the research, practice, and experimentation of this subject with indigenous and global perspectives. The department emphasizes on the practical and dialogic process of teaching, where our students and teachers are involved to understand the world theatre history, theory, design, performances, as well as making an organic ground to confront the socio-political human relations and views in terms of both aesthetic and applied theatre. Our curriculum looks forward to make this discipline a unique icon to mark the changes of civilization. Theory, method, laboratory courses, and field work, are all regarded as important components in this curriculum.

We have world-class faculty members, who care deeply for their students. Our 11 full-time faculty members and 7 part-time faculties believe that creating close and interactive teacher-student relationships aid in realising the basic essence of this unique art. We are proud of our faculty members, many of whom have achieved numerous national and international awards for their special contribution to the field of theatre, film, Publication, and performance. Awards such as Bangladesh Shilpokola Padak, Nationa Film Award (Best Actor, Best Designer), Nandikar National Award (India), Best Book Award by National Library and Archives, Munir Chowdhury Padak, Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association (BCJA) Award, Bangladesh Sangbadik Samiti (BSS) Award, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Award, Tanushree Padak, Performance Award, Nagarik Natyangan Award, and SM Solaiman Memorial Medal are among the notable ones achieved by our faculty members. Three of our faculties are doing their PhD study at abroad by achieving The Commonwealth Scholarship and Bangabandhu Scholarship. All these accomplishments encourage the students to always do their best.

I would like to pay my respect to each moment in the past 100 years of Dhaka University. I express my gratitude and heartiest thanks to all the respected faculty members, beloved students, office staff and university authority.

You are always welcome to the home of Performing Arts. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Kazi Tamanna Haque Sigma

Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre and Performance Studies
University of Dhaka