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Dr. Muhammad Ruhul Amin

Welcome to the Department of Theoretical Physics. Our departmentPhysics was established with the objective of developing and being the pioneer in advanced fundamental science education and research in Bangladesh. History testifies that all the countries that are leading in technological excellence all over the world today, without any ezception, first practiced basic science, that is, technological excellence follows practice of fundamental science and there is no substitute for basic science practice to acquire the ability to create new technologies instead of importing technology from abroad. More people who study basic science receive Nobel Prizes every year compared to say-- doctors or engineers. An important by-product of the practice of basic science is the internalization of the scientific method that can play an important role increating a science-minded and rationally sound generation. In the reality of Bangladesh, There are three categories of students studying in any science department - (1) those who are studying for a degree, (2) those who will apply their acquired knowledge in their future career( the scope of this is very limited in the reality of our country.) and (3) those who want to delve deeper into the subject and are interrested in higher education and research. As higher theoretical physics is a very broad subject. our section is aimed at the third class. Despite many limitations, our department's success so far has not been less. A prime example of lateral shift is the number of brilliant students coming to our department every year from subjects other than physics. Msany of them have completed their education from the department and getting higher education in theoretical physics at world renowned universities. Many of them have already obtained phD degree and many are engaged in post-doctoral research and even teaching in universities. We hope that in the near future, many more of them will be able to contribute significantly to the overall development to our country with their talent and abilities.