The Department of Arabic started its journey in 1921. In the beginning, it was named Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies. In 1980 the Department of Arabic became a separate department. Samsul Olama Abu Nasr Wahid was the first Head of the Department. Dr. S. M. Hussain, a former student and teacher of this department was the first Vice-Chancellor from the alumni of the University of Dhaka.

The Department offers a four-year B.A. Honours, a one-year M.A., a two-year M. Phil and a three-year Ph.D. programme. The research students of the department have been contributing significantly to the different sectors at the national and international levels.

The Department provides facilities to carry out advanced research in Classical and Modern Arabic literature in Prose and Poetry, History of Arabic Language and Literature, Arabic Philology and Linguistics, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, Arabic Literary Criticism and Comparative Literary Criticism, Arabic Calligraphy, Science of Interpretation, Arabic Lexicography, History of Islam and Islamic Civilization, Muslim Philosophy, Islamic Ideology and Research Methodology.

Prescribed and recommended books are available in the seminar library.