The Department of Biochemistry was established in 1957 under the leadership of Professor Kamaluddin Ahmad, an eminent biochemist of this country. In 2001 it has been renamed as Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest and most successful departments in the subcontinent with a wide range of research interest and a commitment to excellent teaching at all levels.

The teachers and students of this department maintain a friendly relationship. The department has a seminar library with a collection of about three thousand text and reference books and a well-developed internet networking system. The students and teachers are equally benefited from all of these resources.

The department conducted the first general nutritional survey which was carried out by Professor Kamaluddin Ahmed in 1962-1964 and the second nutritional survey was led by Professor HKM Yusuf (in 1989) when iodized salt was introduced for the treatment of goiter. Besides, the department is advocating UNICEF to introducing vitamin A capsule to prevent blindness, treating tetanus and neuro-lathyrism with vitamin C, introducing Forensic: DNA technology and has involvement, in the Jute genome project.