As a distinct discipline, Criminology was formally introduced at the University of Dhaka with the establishment of a Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice within the Department of Sociology at Dhaka University in 2010. In 2013, Professor Dr. Md. Zia Rahman was, appointed as the Founding Chairman of the Department of Criminology.

The department started its journey in 2013 with only 30 students in the first batch, but currently has around 500 students in the BSS (Hons) program alone. The number is increasing every year as the importance of the study of Criminology from a local and global context is becoming more prevalent. The department aims to study crime, delinquency, criminal behavior, the criminal justice system, the procedures of law enforcement agencies, and police investigation methods and techniques in a scientific manner. The Bachelor of Social Science (Honors) program includes major courses such as Fundamentals of Criminology, Theories of Crime, Fundamentals of Sociology and Sociological theories, Criminal Psychology, Statistical Criminology, Basics of Policing, Criminal Investigation: Methods and Techniques, Research Methodology, Criminal Law and Procedures, Penal Code, Evidence Act, Forensic Science, Cybercrimes and Cyber security, Local and International Terrorism, Victimology, etc.