Though history of artistic work of Bangladesh is very ancient . By establishing Fine Arts and Craft Arts college and by the will of Artistry the subject Craft Arts is included in the year 1967.

In the continuation of history of Art the crafts art has been occupied a glorious place from the ancient period. The Mosque, Jamdani, Nakshi Kantha, Shitan Pati, Photograph, Shokher Hari, Lakhishora, Doll, Wood, Bamboo, Cane, Metal equipments etc. are mentionable. In this context the main objective of the Department of Crafts Art is to provide appropriate education to the students to develop modern and contemporary creative crafts against traditional crafts. The syllabus of this Department has been divided into two objectives.

1. Practical purpose . . 2. Purpose of creative arts.

With all the knowledge and clear idea the students will practice art for these two purposes. Besides this upon thinking on the commercial side of practical crafts at home and abroad the B.F.A. Honours Curriculum has been structured on those objective so that the students will be able to prepare modern crafts. M.F.A. curriculum to make the students skill, audit and research in all respect. Besides this M. Phil and Ph. D Program is running.