The Department of Law, University of Dhaka is the highest echelon of legal education in Bangladesh. Founded in 1921, it is the oldest and most reputed law school in Bangladesh. It serves as a nexus, drawing together a myriad of exceptionally gifted individuals hailing from diverse global academic backgrounds, each possessing unique life experiences, varied interests, ambitious goals, distinct approaches, methodologies, and perspectives. It is a meeting place for the excellence of the present generation with the promises of the future leaders of different law professions.

Commencing with the visionary leader, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, extending to prominent figures such as the Speaker of the Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, Judges of the Appellate Division and High Court Division, Members of the Parliament, Secretaries to different ministries, prominent lawyers of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh as well as key roles in various statutory bodies and major business conglomerates, the alumni network of the Department of Law exemplifies robust strength. This formidable network provides students with a solid foundation for their career aspirations, offering invaluable connections and mentorship opportunities.

The Department of Law is the largest law school in Bangladesh with 39 faculty members of diverse range of legal expertise taught at globally acclaimed universities. The distinguished faculty within the Department of Law comprises erudite scholars, widely recognized for their prolific contributions to their specialized domains. Demonstrating scholarly eminence, they have authored and published an array of journal articles, book chapters, and comprehensive books, gaining recognition from esteemed global publishers such as BRILL NIJHOFF, Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar Publishing, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Springer, and Kluwer Law International, among others. Several faculty members are frequent contributors to various media outlets, earning accolades as public intellectuals among the citizens of Bangladesh. The faculty's commitment to intellectual discourse and dissemination of knowledge reflects a commitment to academic excellence and engagement with broader societal dialogues.

To support the research initiatives of the esteemed faculty within the department, a dedicated research center, known as the Center for Advanced Legal Studies (CALS), has been established in 2017. CALS consistently organizes seminars and workshops aimed at fostering an environment conducive to legal research.

The faculty members impart legal education through four different programs at four different levels: Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The Department of Law has more than 650 students. Each year 110 students are enrolled in the LLB program through the Dhaka University Central Admission Committee. The faculty-student ratio is 1:16. In all four programs, the students are encouraged to transcend the rigid confines of statutory language, delving into the nuanced complexities that define the legal landscape. This entails a rigorous exploration of inquiries such as: the historical genesis and evolution of prevailing legal principles, the application of legal tenets to unprecedented scenarios, fostering a forward-thinking mindset, scrutinizing the intended purpose and societal objectives underpinning existing regulations, evaluating the efficacy of current legal frameworks and discerning any unintended consequences, posing critical questions on the necessity for potential legal reforms.

The Law Clinic stands as a pivotal component within the Department of Law's Clinical Legal Education Program at the University of Dhaka. It serves as a conduit for students to transcend conventional pedagogical approaches, acquainting them with the practical facets of legal practice. The clinic is meticulously designed to cultivate essential skills requisite for legal practitioners, encompassing client interviewing, law firm management, fact marshaling, the art of examination and cross-examination, practical insights into civil and criminal procedures, and the dynamic application of various legal doctrines. Conducted in a simulated courtroom environment, complete with the ambiance of an actual court setting, students undergo mock trials to refine their practical acumen. Complementing these sessions, court visits form an integral element of the Law Clinic, providing invaluable exposure to 'real-life' legal scenarios. Under the guidance of seasoned judges, practitioners, and academics, the Clinic affords students a unique opportunity to hone their legal skills within a supervised and immersive learning environment.

The Department of Law extends an extensive array of extracurricular pursuits designed to complement and enhance the classroom and clinical dimensions of our academic offerings. Encompassing a spectrum from professional explorations to public service initiatives, and inclusive social interactions, our students actively participate in a diverse spectrum of activities that transcend the traditional confines of the lecture hall. Currently, the department hosts over four student organizations: Dhaka University Law Career Club, Kingshuk- Law Cultural Club, Law Department Debating Club, Dhaka University Moot Court Society. Each of them represents a distinct facet of personal or professional interest. These organizations curate an assortment of intellectually stimulating events, including seminars, mini-concerts, and networking opportunities, fostering a dynamic and holistic educational experience for our students. Students participate and have won many accolades in different national and international competitions through these student organizations.

There are a number of need based and merit based scholarships and awards offered by the Department of Law, University of Dhaka including Dean’s Award,Dhaka University Scholarships, Shamaila Rahman Memorial Scholarship, Dr Hamid Uddin Khan Memorial Scholarship, Shahjahan Siraj Foundation Scholarship, Justice Amin Ahmed Gold Medal, Senior Advocate Ozair Farooq Memorial Scholarship, Justice Mohammad Hussain Memorial Gold Medal, and Barrister Shafiq Ahmed Trust Scholarship etc.

In summary, the Department of Law at the University of Dhaka stands as the pinnacle of legal education in Bangladesh, fostering excellence, diversity, and a rich legacy. Its distinguished faculty, expansive research initiatives, and commitment to multifaceted legal expertise underscore its academic eminence. With a robust alumni network, comprehensive programs, and vibrant extracurricular activities, the department provides a holistic educational experience. All these arrangements are unmatched in Bangladesh, and enrich the learning journey of the students, solidifying its position as a premier institution shaping future legal leaders.