Founded on 01 July 1974, the Department of Marketing started its journey as one of the four Departments in the then the Faculty of Commerce, later on renamed as the Faculty of Business Studies, to play a pioneering role in promoting marketing education in Bangladesh. Although at its inception the Department had only 3 illustrious faculty members and 49 students, currently it has more than 1,500 students studying in different programs, and a total of 48 distinguished faculty members. Most of the faculty members have doctoral, MBA, or MSc degrees from major renowned universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, and other countries in Asia. At present, some faculty members are pursuing their higher studies in renowned universities in foreign countries. It is expected that they will join the Department upon successful completion of their degrees.

The exciting academic programs offered by the Department are supported with modern classrooms containing the state-of-the-art equipment such as multimedia, digital board, internet network, WiFi services, modern sound system, sophisticated Computer Lab, etc. The academic programs have a focus on continual innovation and interactive learning in the classroom.

The Department of Marketing always welcomes a diverse mix of students from different nationals across the globe. The students in the Department are driven with strong determination to make a clear difference in the society. The Department gets further strengthened continually with the unique innovations and multiple perspectives they bring in, in their learning process during the completion of their academic programs. The Department loves to bring bold ideas and brilliant minds together - inspiring innovations with global impact today and in the future, and takes time-suiting initiatives to keep up with the fast-paced environment in meeting the global challenges.

Currently, Prof. Dr. A. B. M. Shahidul Islam is the Chairman of the Department who is entrusted with the responsibilities of overseeing all the academic programs in the Department. The MBA (Evening) program is run by a committee headed by the Director along with four members including the Chairman of the Department. Besides, the MPM program is administered by a committee headed by the Director along with one associate member and the Chairman.

The Department is highly focused on making a lasting impact on the students and society by blending transformative academic programs with pioneering research on marketing. The Department is also dedicated to establishing knowledge-creation and -dissemination center to influence both the academic and business communities nationally and internationally. In this respect, the faculty members regularly publish research articles and monographs in premier scholarly journals around the globe. A similarly important core activity the faculty members do is in the areas of consultancy and executive training to cater to the needs of the economy. Armed with a diverse knowledge and skill set, the Department actively seeks collaboration with corporate personalities and academic icons in different fields as part of a broader intellectual undertaking.