Strategy and leadership excellence are two critical components in today’s increasingly complex, integrated and interrelated global business environment. Future strategists, business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs need to acquire and sharpen their skills relating to these two critical areas in realizing their individual and organizational goals. Established in June 30, 2016, the Department of Organization Strategy and Leadership (OSL) of the University of Dhaka will provide quality education and training to develop a pool of future strategists, business leaders and entrepreneurs. These pool of human resources with their enhanced knowledge and expertise on strategy and leadership will explore various business opportunities, analyze and lead to exploit those opportunities in developing products and services, effectively implement those opportunities through innovative solutions and achieve organizational sustainability and growth.

The OSL department, with its holistic & interdisciplinary education, rigorous & practical training approach, in-depth & impact oriented research & advocacy, and strong collaboration with different stakeholders including the private sector, government, development organizations etc. plans to prepare the students to provide strategic direction of their respective organizations, and help the organizations to attain strategic advantage in a complex & competitive environment.

Mission: Be a thought leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and expertise on strategy & leadership to foster organizational sustainability and growth.

Vision: Be a center of excellence for education, research and advocacy on Strategy, Organizational Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development and Change Management in Asia.

Objective: The programs of the department include key components designed to help the students to develop skills and expertise to lead an organization, from motivating people and mobilizing teams to making strategic decisions and developing and implementing short & long-term strategies.

Focus Areas: The major areas of focus of OSL’s academic programs include:

  • Strategic Management

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Change Management

  • Negotiation