Department of Philosophy was one of 10 independent departments with which the faculty of Arts of the University of Dhaka started its academic activities on July 01, 1921. In 1952-53 academic year philosophy department got its new name “Department of Philosophy and Psychology”. Department of Psychology separated from the Department of philosophy to become an independent department on August 1965.

Before his death Shaheed Dr. Govinda Chandra Dev donated 50% of his total moveable and immoveable property for research in philosophy, especially for research in human welfare, social progress, universal brotherhood, and world peace, and willed the property in the name of Registrar, Dhaka University. According to his wish and with the money received from his will, Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies was established in the department of philosophy in 1980. This Centre regularly publishes two journals, Darshan O Pragati in Bangla and Philosophy and Progress in English. Monthly seminars and yearly Dev Memorial Lecture are organized and conducted by the Centre.

With an aim to eradicate injustice, crime and corruption in the society as well as to raise moral consciousness and habits among general public, in 2009, Moral Development Centre (Noitik Unnayan Kendra) was established in the Philosophy department.