The Physics Department is one of the oldest and the largest department of the University. Physics was one of the four fundamental department with which this premier institute started its academic activities back in 1921 and the largest because it enrolls more than 140 undergraduates and 100 new postgraduates every year. Its also offers minor coursed to many other departments of university. The department has a glorious past due to the presence of many eminent physicists as faculty members among whom were S.N. Bose, K. S. Krishnan.

The reputation of the department rests not on its high quality but also in the quality teaching but also in the quality of research activities accompanied by diversity and excellence which is also reflected in the topics taught in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In their pursuit of original research, physics faculty members collaborate with international scientist including scientists from Europe and America. Research opportunities exist for investigating a wide rang of topics in theoretical and experimental physics including Particle Physics, General Relativity, Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Condensed matter, Liquid Metals, Band Theory, Thin film, Laser Physics, Geophysics, low Temperature Physics, Nuclear Physics and Statistical Mechanics (equilibrium and Non-equilibrium) are just a few to mention.