The Department of Television, Film and Photography embarked on a journey on January 23, 2012, as the Department of Television and Film Studies to create and disseminate knowledge about the cultural industries such as cinema and television and the role of popular culture in shaping people’s mind. The Department began its operation on the ground floor of the Social Sciences’ Building under the leadership of the Founding Chair Dr. A J M Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan, a Canadian Commonwealth Scholar and a Professor of Media Studies. It was launched at a time when a burgeoning television industry was desperately looking for a trained workforce to serve the industry and the moribund film industry was searching for skilled and creative filmmakers to inject energies for its revitalization. This Department filled up the void created by the lack of academic training in television journalism, television production, filmmaking, and film criticism. It began with a two-year Master’s program in Television and Film Studies and introduced a four-year undergraduate program in 2013. It has a state of the art professional television studio and an animation laboratory to offer hands-on training to students in television journalism as well as production, filmmaking, and animation. It houses a seminar library with collections of important books on film, television, and digital media. It also runs an online television channel called DUTV.