In 1989, a subsidiary course on Theatre was instituted under the supervision of the Faculty of Arts, University of Dhaka. The Department of Theatre and Music started its journey as a full-fledged department on September 1, 1994 and debuted as a separate entity named Department of Theatre on July 1, 2009. Then on April 20, 2014, the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies was renamed. The transition from ‘Theatre’ to ‘Theatre and Performance Studies’ is not just about the desire to blindly follow the recent transformation of theatrical departments in western universities or to imitate modern fashion. On the contrary, in the field of education, the reality of shifting or the ‘paradigm shift’ is clearly reflected in this trend. Performance Studies is also a suitable paradigm for fulfilling post-colonial cultural and epistemological goals by identifying oneself outside the Eurocentric theatre system in the practice and analysis of our indigenous theatre. This expansion of the theatrical world will inspire both teachers and students to think more critically, as well as teach their application from a broader perspective. Through the various methods and applications of acting under the graduate and postgraduate courses in the department, a bridge is built between Western, Eastern and indigenous performing arts.