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Dr. Abdul Bashir

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Provost
Bijoy Ekattor Hall

The University of Dhaka is the lighthouse and glorious heritage of the Bangalees. In every outstanding achievement of the university, the residential halls of this university played important roles. One among such foremost halls is Bijoy Ekattor Hall. It started boarding students in 2013. At present nearly 3300 students, including 1700 residential students and 1600 non-residential students are attached to this hall. This hall has been making the mark by dint of its constructive achievement since its establishment. It played an important role in the university, regarding accommodation, education, extra-curricular activities, and leadership of the students. The main objectives of establishing of this hall was to create an environment where the learners would participate in co-curricular activities, complementary to the academic pursuits, and metamorphose themselves to pragmatic, life-oriented, humanitarian and complete human beings, with a view to coping with any kind of situation in their personal and professional lives, and contributing to nation-building. One of the many important responsibilities of the hall administration is to ensure every kind of facilities and opportunities to the learners. Bijoy Ekattor Hall has been leaving no stone unturned to engage students with providing every kind of facilities and opportunities regarding extra-curricular activities along with regular academic activities since the beginning. To name a few, there is adequate support system including creating opportunities, offering facilities, and supplying equipment for the residents to engage in activities related to literature, culture, and sports. Besides, other creative activities and clubs like Badhon, Debating Club etc. are existent in the hall. There are different arrangements for recreational activities in the hall as well. The house tutors stay regularly connected to the learners. Seats are allotted on a regular basis in the hall. The hall administration is popular for being student-friendly. As a result, the learners of this hall can successfully complete their education in the cherished way by becoming contemplative and creative. The hall administration is committed to ensuring a better life and the achievement of excellence of the learners.