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Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim

Professor & Provost
Shahid Serjeant Zahurul Huq Hall

Welcome to Shahid Serjeant Zahurul Huq Hall! I am proud to introduce Shahid Serjeant Zahurul Huq Hall, University of Dhaka to you all. This is a historic institution that has played a critical role during the days of freedom struggle, Liberation War and anti-autocracy movement in Bangladesh. Students of this Hall took a pioneering role to hoist National Flag of Bangladesh on 2nd March 1971. This Hall is named after a valiant hero of Liberation, Serjeant Zahurul Huq who was one of the 35 persons accused in the Agartala Conspiracy Case officially called ‘State vs Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Others Case’ of 1968. Sergeant Zahurul Haq was the 17th among the accused. Zahurul Haq was arrested in December 1967 and was confined in Dhaka Central Jail. He was tragically martyred in jail when he was under trial. He was an uncompromising and honest soldier who was called ‘martial’ for his great love, courage and sacrifice for the nation. Studies at the University of Dhaka have indicated time and time again that the most important factor for students to have a great educational experience is the life in a Hall. Zahurul Hall provides all facilities for a student to grow in a perfect environment of life and living. The Hall has facilities for supporting students in their various needs of living, administrative, academic, extracurricular and psychological development. The Hall is placed in a beautiful location having scenic and architectural magnificence. The Hall has a big play ground and a large pond that support students to grow in a natural environment. Students of the Hall have always shown their achievements in their academic, cultural and sports spheres. Remarkably, the students of this Hall have never hesitated to join the movement for freedom, liberation and democracy. The alumni of Shahid Serjeant Zahurul Huq Hall have been serving in different sectors in the country – academic, government, business and politics elevating the top positions in different institutions and with extraordinary reputation. It is an honor and a privilege to invite you to visit website of the Hall for relevant information about various activities of the Hall. The Zahurul Huq Hall family believes that together we will grow and succeed in our mission to educate students, create knowledge, and provide services to our student community for the nation.