Dr. KM Sultanul Aziz

Established the global use of rehydration therapy for diarrhea

He had a pioneering role in transforming the institution into an International Centre of excellence. He played a key role in establishing Research Review and Ethical Review committees and chaired them for over 12 years.

He pioneered the concept of Vibrio cholera as an environmental organism and described for the first time Aeromonas hydrophila responsible for epidemics of diarrhoea in humans. He discovered diarrhoea producing toxin in Microcystis aeruginosa. He described rat as a cholera toxin assay model. The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences elected him as Fellow citing his contributions on Oral Rehydration Therapy.

Dr. Aziz took initiave in the globalization of the use of Oral Rehydration Therapy. As a follow up of this he conceptualized and organized four African Conferences on Diarrhoeal Diseases and thirteen Asian Conferences on Diarrhoeal Diseases in nine different Asian countries.