M Innas Ali

Nuclear Physicist

Professor Dr. M Innas Ali had been one of the most celebrated faculty members of the Department of Physics. He joined the department in 1948 as a Senior Lecturer and subsequently served as a Reader, Professor and the Head of the Department. He earned an M.E.E. from New York University and Ph.D. in nuclear physics from London University in 1948 and 1955, respectively. He was appointed Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in 1963 as a member. In 1968 professor Ali returned to the department again as the Head and worked in the university till 1972. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Dhaka during 1970-71. Professor Ali had served the nation in different capacities for more than four decades of his illustrious career. Had been appointed as the National Professor in 1993, the Science Adviser to the President of Bangladesh, a member of the Planning Commission (1976-1979), the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chittagong (1972-73) and the President of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (1988-92), and President, Dhaka University Alumni Association (1987).

Professor Ali spearheaded the inception of different organizations, he had been the founding Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission in Bangladesh (1973-76), the founding fellow of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (1973), founding member of the University Grants Commission, UGC and the founding President, Bangladesh Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions (1973). As a recognition of his academic excellence abroad, he was appointed as a Professor of Nuclear Engineering, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah (1979-1982),  was elected a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, TWAS (1991), was the President, Pakistan Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions (1964-1967), and the Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science (1970). For his contribution to the nation and for his scholarly achievements, Professor Ali was awarded the Independence Award, the highest civilian award in Bangladesh in 1991.