Khondkar Siddique-e Rabbani

Bangladeshi Biomedical Physicist who is notable for developing the Focused Impedance Measurement method

Khondkar Siddique-e Rabbani is a Bangladeshi Biomedical Physicist and is notable for developing the Focused Impedance Measurement method. In 2008, he was awarded the Academy Gold Medal by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences for his contribution to physical sciences in Bangladesh. Professor Rabbani completed  his  bachelor's  from University  of  Dhaka and  master's  from Islamabad University in  1970 and 1972, respectively. He then earned his PhD in Microelectronics as a Commonwealth Scholar from the University of Southampton in 1978. He then joined as a faculty member of the Department of Physics at the University of Dhaka. In 2008, he became the founding Chairperson of the post-graduate Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology (BMPT) at the University of Dhaka.

Professor Rabbani has been working to improve the condition of economically deprived people of Bangladesh through innovating low-cost and easily accessible technologies. He has three major innovations cited by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences:  ‘A simple and low cost method to destroy diarrhoeal germs in water using solar radiation‘, a method for getting surface water free of Arsenic made drinkable; a localized electrical impedance technique named ‘Focused Impedance Method’  (FIM),  having  the  potential  to  study,  diagnose  or  characterize  medical  conditions including  lung,  stomach  and  vascular  functions  and  some  cancers;  a  nerve  conduction measurement technique  known as ‘Distribution of F-latency’ (DFL), that can give inner profile of conduction velocity of motor nerve fibres in a nerve trunk, for which no clinically suitable method existed before.

Professor Rabbani, the director of  Dhaka  University  Telemedicine  Program  conducted  by  the Department  of  Biomedical  Physics  and  Technology  (BMPT)  of  Dhaka  University  has  been awarded the 3rd Commonwealth Digital Health Award in Telemedicine category for outstanding contribution to develop healthcare quality in rural areas of Bangladesh. The award ceremony was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2018.