Syed Zahir Haider

Scientist and educationist

Professor Dr. Syed Zahir Haider was a dedicated teacher and researcher. He was born in 1927 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He graduated in Chemistry from Dhaka University and obtained a PhD from London University, DIC from London Imperial College of Science and Technology (Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry), and FRSC from the Royal Society of Chemistry, London for his unparallel contribution to Chemistry. Dr. Haider started his career as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Dhaka University. He then became a Reader and was awarded full Professorship in the department where he served for over fifty years.

Dr. Haider was a specialist in Inorganic, Analytical, Coordination, Nuclear, and Bioinorganic Chemistry. He was a Founding Fellow and a Council Member of the Islamic Academy of Sciences. He was also a Fellow and Council Member of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. He was the President of the Bangladesh Chemical Society, and the Bangladesh Environmental Society. He was the Founding Editor of the Journal of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. He was also the Chief Editor of the Journal of the Bangladesh Chemical Society.