Abul Hussam


Professor Dr. Abul Hussam was born in Kushtia district. He graduated in Chemistry from University of Dhaka. He earned his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from University of Pittsburgh. He then obtained his postdoctoral training on Separation Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota.

He joined as a faculty member of George Mason University in 1985. Currently he is serving as a Professor of Chemistry and the Director of Center for Clean Water and Sustainable Technologies in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

Dr. Hussam’s research areas include electroanalytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemistry in organized media. He is the inventor of the Sono arsenic filter. He received the Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability from the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for the development of sono arsenic filter in 2007. This is now used by hundreds of thousands of people in the affected areas of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Pakistan. For the contribution of Abul Hussam and other important personalities towards the solution of an environmental hazard Time International Magazine devoted a special issue entitled “Heroes of Environment.”