Kamaluddin Ahmad

Scientist and educationist

Professor Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmad was the founder Head of the department of Biochemistry, he graduated and did his MSc from Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka. Prof Kamaluddin also became the director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Dhaka and Vice Chancellor of the Bangladesh Agriculture University.

Professor Ahmad was born in Gohira, Chittagong on December 21, 1921. Through brilliance, hard work, and a series of merit scholarships, he pursued his education, often sending some small savings from his scholarship money to his widowed mother still in the village. He graduated with a First Class First Position in Chemistry from the University of Dhaka and then earned a Masters in Chemistry, again earning a First Class First Position and a Gold Medal for extraordinary scores.

A brilliant scientist and scholar of indomitable energy and wide interests, Professor Ahmad combined an uncanny intuition in scientific research with building institutions of scientific learning in the country.