Professor Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter

Ex-Chairman of Department of Geology, DU and VC of Bangladesh Open University

Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter(B.SC. batch 06) joined the Department of Geology, the University of Dhaka as a Lecturer in the year 1987 after being awarded the Ph.D. degree from IIT, Kharagpur, Later he also served as a Professor in the Department of Geology, University of Dhaka.  Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter has a long track record of research collaboration with Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in the city of New York, USA. He has considerable experience working with international scientists in the field of geotectonic, earthquake geology, and geodetic GPS.

As a professor of the Geology department, Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter contributed as an educator, research supervisor (both internal-and-externally funded projects), and administrator (Chair Professor and Provost). He served as Chairman of the Department of Geology, the University of Dhaka from July 2013 to June 2016. In June 2021, Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter has been appointed as vice-chancellor of Bangladesh Open University for the next four years,