The Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology (CPP) was established in 2003 under the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Dhaka. The goal of the department is to provide innovative, inter-professional experiences to develop students and pharmacists as integral members of the health care team which will contribute to the health care system both nationally and globally. One-year M. Pharm. (Master of Pharmacy) degree is the core program of this department and is offered to the students who have completed five (5) year B. Pharm. Professional (Bachelor of Pharmacy Professional) successfully form the Department of Pharmacy. Besides M. Phil. (Master of Philosophy) and Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree programs are also offered to Pharmacy and medical graduates. Faculty members of this department are engaged in extensive research with diverse interests. Main research interests include Bioactivity guided phytochemical Investigator, chemistry and pharmacology of both synthetic and natural products, toxicology, rational use of drugs, cancer biology, molecular and genomic sciences, and drug-protein interaction. The primary goals of the research are to generate and disseminate knowledge to advance patient care, medication safety, disease prevention and treatment, health care cost-effectiveness and quality, and Pharmacy education. Besides the research generated new knowledge are applied to develop, evaluate and innovate health care delivery models, Pharmacy education models, and health policy. The department participate in local, state, national, and global health programs that promote and advocate health improvement, wellness, disease prevention and treatment, and access to health care. The department serves as patient advocates, especially for underserved populations and participate as active leaders of the University and the public at large.