Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Sheikh Zahir Raihan

Molecular Pharmacology, Pharmacogenomics, Clinical Pharmacy, Ethnopharmacology, Social Pharmacy

Dr. Abul Kalam Azad Chowdhury

Higher Education, Pharmacogenomics and Drug Discovery

Dr. Nazmul Qais

Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry

Dr. S. M. Abdur Rahman

Target oriented organic synthesis for developing novel therapeutic agent, Drug synthesis, structural modifications, SAR analysis, Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic acid chemistry and related biology, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry related topics: synthesis of target molecules and their application to biological process, Transition metal catalyzed reactions (cyclization or various cross-coupling reactions) and their possible applications to develop various structures to be useful for biological and non-biological processes

Muhammad Asaduzzaman, PhD

Cancer Biology, Drug Development, Molecular Microbiology, Social Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Molecular Epidemiology, Drug Resistance

Dr. Md. Abdul Muhit

Microbiology, Ethnopharmacology and Natural Product chemistry, Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Sreedam Chandra Das

Infectious Disease, Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Ahasanul Hasan

Cardiovascular Diseases

Dr. Zobaer Al Mahmud

Pharmacogenomics, GPCR Pharmacology

Amlan Ganguly

Natural Product Pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology

Nazmus Saqueeb

Synthetic Chemistry, Phytochemistry, Food Science, Survey Research

Fahad Imtiaz Rahman

Medicinal Chemistry, Public Health, Computational Biology