It is known to all that Japan is the third largest economy of the world and one of the leading development partners of Bangladesh. The economic development that Japan has accomplished within twenty years after the Second World War is considered as a miracle in the world history. Japan Study Center was established with a vision to explore Japan’s experiences in development sectors and others. The fundamental motto of Japan Study Center is to Study and do basic research on Japanese society, culture, history of economic development and learn the reasons behind their development and other important issues related to Japan-Bangladesh. Masters in Japanese Studies programme was launched in 2006. University of Dhaka has transformed Japan Study Center (JSC) as Department of Japanese Studies (DJS) in 2017, which has started admission in its first batch of undergraduate student from the academic year 2017-18. Currently a good number of Japanese Studies students are doing their research and Masters/PhD degree in Japan and are being awarded with different Scholarships worldwide. Japanese Studies graduates are also able to secure jobs in various national, international and multinational organizations including the Japanese ones.