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Dr. Mohammad Zabed Hossain

Professor & Provost
Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall

Being one of the first three halls of students’ residence that started journey with the University of Dhaka, Dr. Muhammad Shahidulla Hall is happy to celebrate its birth centenary in 2021. Over the past 100 years, it has hosted thousands of renowned graduates who have been contributing to the advancement of society, nation and the globe as well. Established in a wide scenic landscape with the historical perennial pond, the hall accommodates 2285 students in its three residence buildings. Besides accommodation, students get the facilities of dining rooms, canteen, auditorium cum TV room, reading room, students union office room, hall library, mosque, laundry and saloon. Students can take part in various extra-curricular activities including indoor and outdoor games. Students also have the facilities to nurture their hidden talents by engaging themselves with several volunteer organizations such as Debate club, Language club, Badhon (blood donation association), Garden club and so on. There are 17 respected House Tutors and Assistant House Tutors who are always in touch with the students for guiding, consulting and advising either academic, administrative or personal matters. Among others, nearly 90 supporting staffs are engaged in services oriented to facilities for the students. Being a Provost, I congratulate all proud graduates and current students for being part of this historical hall. I also welcome suggestions from well-wishers and philanthropists for the betterment and future development of the hall. I wish you all the very best.