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Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall, formerly Dhaka Hall, is one of the oldest Halls of the University of Dhaka, established on the 1st July 1921. The Hostel Building of the Hindu students of Dhaka College was incorporated in Dhaka University and named Dhaka Hall (Now Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall). From the very beginning, it is a Hall of cosmopolitan character. The Hall is named after the renowned polyglot of the country Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah in 1969. Enlarging the name of “Shahidullah Hall” the Syndicate renames “Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall” on 14/06/2017 and the statute was ratified to “Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall” on 17/06/2017.

The Hall was originally a quadrangular two-storied building of red bricks with accommodation for 160 students. Later on, it was raised to a three-storied building. In the seventies, 4 new buildings were constructed on the south and south-east of Main Building. The new ones are Shahid Sharafat Ali Bhaban (Extension Building-1); Shahid Ataur Rahman Khan Khadem Bhaban (Extension Building-2); Student Centre (Anwarul Azim Chowdhury Bhaban); and five-storied House Tutor Quarters. There are 11 posts of House Tutors & 6 posts of Assistant House Tutors to assist the Provost in running the Hall administration.

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