Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Nurnabi

Micribial Fuel Cell, Industrial and municipal waste management employing membrane bio reactor (MBR), Desalination of sea water employing membrane technologies (FO and RO), Synthesis of carbon dots and their application, Development of suitable adsorbents from renewable sources for the removal of dyes and heavy metals from aqueous system, Sonochemistry and Leather Processing

Dr. A. M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury

2. Shape memory materials: alloys (SMAs) & polymers (SMPs), SEM, TEM, AFM, NMR, DSC and Optical studies including laser microscopes on the surfaces to investigate modification., 1. Materials Science and Engineering, Materials and Environmet, Polymeric materials, Tensile properties, Utilization of laser microscopes, Modification of fibres and fibrous materials by Graft co-polymerization using UV and gamma radiation, Laser techniques, Preparation of composite materials by polymerization, development of the textile properties (physico-mechanical) of fibres and fibrous materials.

Dr. Md. Nurul Amin

• Industrial wastewater treatment • Water treatment• Environmental chemistry • Analytical chemistry

Dr. Dipti Saha

Synthesis of Some Indrustrially Important Petro Chemicals by the alkylation process.

Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam

Materials Science, Environmental Science, Polymer Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Sonochemistry

Dr. A. F. M. Mustafizur Rahman

1)Composite Chemisty. 2) Nanoscience. 3) Organic Synthesis. 4) Natural Product Chemistry etc.

Dr. Mohammad Mainul Karim

Spectroanalytical chemistry

Dr. Shah Md. Masum


Dr. Md. Ashraful Islam Molla

Capacitive deionization (CDI) technology, Photocatalysts and Nanocomposites for wastewater treatment

Dr. Mohammad Ismail

Clean Fuel & Carbon Capture, Biofuel, Energy and Environment, Petrochemical Synthesis, Catalysis, Climate Change and Chemical Waste Management, University – Industry Partnership, Air Pollution, Mitigation and Quality Monitoring

Dr. Mithun Sarker

Porous materials for Advanced Applications

Dr. M. Nuruzzaman Khan

Electrospinning of Renewable Biopolymers-based composites, Nano-biomaterials for Wound Healing Applications, Smart Bio-nanomaterials for Drug Delivery Systems, Nature Inspired Advance Materials for Soft Tissue Engineering, Design of Renewable Materials for Metal & Dye Adsorption, Inorganic Nanoparticles Doped Advanced Materials, Design of 3D DNA Nanostructures by Lithography, Lithography and Nanofabrication Based on Monomolecular Films, Natural Fiber based Composite, Bioprotein Templated Nanostructures

Dr. Sumaya Farhana Kabir

Polymer, Composite, Biomaterials, Activated Carbon

Dr. Abul Khayer Mallik

Polymer-based composites, Adsorbent, HPLC-packing materials

Dr. Taslim Ur Rashid

Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Fiber and Polymer Science

Dr. Mohammad Shahruzzaman

Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Synthesis.

Dr. Khandoker Samaher Salem

Research Interest

Md. Shirajur Rahman

Bioremediation contaminated soil and waste water, Removal of dyes and heavy metals from waste water, Preparation of hydrogels for the medicinal application

Shanta Biswas

Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry

Md. Minhajul Islam

Materials Chemistry, Materials Chemistry in Energy Applications

Md. Sazedul Islam

Polymer science, Material science

Shaikat Chandra Dey

Nanomaterials for Advanced Applications

Tanvir Ahmed

Chemical, Renewable Energy, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering

Md. Nurus Sakib

Chemical Engineering

Sadit Bihongo Malitha

Graphene Oxide, Nano Composite, Material Science, Environmental Pollution Control