Faculty Research Interests

Zerin Alam, Ph.D.

Travel Writing, Shakespeare, Discourse Analysis, Materials Development

Dr. Rubina Khan

Purposes of Assessment and Evaluation, English language assessment system in Bangladesh, Practices in ELT

Dr. Nevin Farida

Materials Development; Teaching language through literature; Teaching Academic Writing

Begum Shahnaz Sinha

Teacher Education Materials Development

Dr. Shamsad Mortuza

British literature, Cultural Studies and Literary Theory

Dr. Golam Gaus Al-Quaderi

English Literature and Cultural Studies (All the basic skills)

Mr. Ahmed Bashir


Dr. Bijoy Lal Basu

TESOL curriculum & pedagogy, Language Teacher Education, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics

Tasneem Siraj Mahboob

Applied Linguistics & ELT

Batool Sarwar

Interdisciplinary studies in language and literature

Farhanaz Rabbani

English and Cultural Studies

Dr. Ashim Dutta

English and Bengali literatures

Pratiti Shirin

English Literature, ELT, Development and Education

Dr. Qumrul Hasan Chowdhury

Applied Linguistics & ELT

Anjuman Ara

Discourse and cultural studies, Applied Linguistics and ELT, educational technology, teacher education, interdisciplinary studies of English language and literature

Mehedi Karim Shimanto

Shakespeare, African Literature

Sanjeeda Hossain

English Literature

Rumana Rafique

Learning Technologies, Digital Literacies, Digital Culture, Reflective practice, CALL-based professional development, CALL teacher education

Mahfida Tahniat

English Literature

Nehrir Khan

Phonetics and Phonology

Bushra Mahzabeen

World Systems Analysis

Nusrat Gulzar

Teaching Academic Writing using Technology, Reflective Practice and Teacher Professional Development, Technology in Language Teacher Education, Learning experience design, Use of e-portfolios in language teacher education

Rebecca Haque

Twentieth Century British and American Fiction and Drama, Psychoanalytic Criticism, South Asian Literature in English

Tawsif Ehsan

Learner Autonomy, Post-method pedagogy, Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching, Testing and Assessment