Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Nurul Huda Abul Monsur

Post-Independent South Asia, Public Opinion and External Relations of South Asia, Imperialism and Nationalism, Globalization, Emergence of Bangladesh

Dr. Ashfaque Hossain

Historical Globalisation, Economic History, History of the Liberation War of Bangladesh

Dr. Surma Zakaria Choudhury

International History

Dr. Asha Islam Nayeem

Women's History

Dr. Aksadul Alam

Historical Geography, Geographical Factors in History, History of Bengal up to 1800 CE, Cultural and Religious Processes in the Region of Bengal up to 1800 CE, Geographical Factors in Trade and Cultural Connectivity, Institutional History, History of Bengal and Bangladesh

Dr. Prodip Chand Dugar

Business, Economic and Community History

Mohammad Abul Kawser


Dr. Milton Kumar Dev

Economic History of Bengal, Education in Bangladesh, Nationalism & Nationalist Movements in South Asia, Adivasi & Dalit Studies, Liberation war of Bangladesh, Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission

Dr. Sharmin Akhtar

Ancient History, Archaeological Aspects, Art and Architecture, History of Bangladesh

Mrittika Shahita

Women's History, History of Science and Technology in Bengal, Socio-cultural History of South Asia with special attention to the British colonized East Bengal

Ms. Lukna Yasmin

Women's history ,History of Europe ,Constirutional History , History of Religion , Subaltern History

Dr. Sahidul Hasan

Bengal History, Mansucript, Epigraphy, Numismatics

Shanta Patranobish


Mithun Kumar Saha


Sharmin Jahan Chowdhury

Economic and Business History, History of Science and Technology, Urban History, Regional History, Contemporary World and Diplomatic History, Health and Medical History

Ms. Farhana Akter Shoovra


Sajib Kumar Banik

Political History, International Relations, International Politics, Indian Philosohy

Azrin Afrin

Genocide and Migration

Fairooz Jahan

Social, cultural and gender history

Taskia Haq Lyric

Social History, History of Liberation War, Environmental History