Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Monira Begam

Bangla language and literature, Semiotics and literary analysis, Syntax, Clinical Linguistics

Sikder Monoare Murshed (Shourav Sikder)

Bangla language and literature, Indigenous Languages, Language Documentation and Field Linguistics, Media Language, Language and culture, Applied Linguisgtics, ICT and Bangla language

Dr. Syed Shahrier Rahman

Phonology, Syntax, Corpus Linguistics, Language Documentation

Dr. Salma Nasrin

Clinical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Morphology, Historical & Comparative Linguistics

Gulshan Ara Begum

Morphology, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sign Language & Semiotics, Language, Gender & Power

Dr. Mohammad Ashaduzzaman

The ethnic Minority language, Languaguage and culture, language documentation, translation theories, morphology, Philoisophy of language etc

Dr. Nadia Nandita Islam

Lexicology & Lexicography, Indigenous & Sociolinguistics, Media Linguistics & Pragmatics

Dr. Jennifar Jahan

Dialectology, Psycho linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Semiotics, Semantics, Advanced Morphology, ELT and TESOL

Dr. Khandaker Khairunnahar

Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, Morphology, semantics, Sign Language

Mithun Banerjee


Syfin Rubyat

Language Documentation, Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics

Mashrur Imtiaz

Morphosyntax, Language documentation and description, Language and digital media, Philosophy of language, Corpus linguistics, Psycholinguistics