Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam


Dr. Khondokar Mezbahuddin Ahmed

Modern differential Geometry, Tensor Calculus, Special Theory of Relativity, Geometry of Manifolds, Principle of Fibre Bundle, Sheaf and Presheaf Theory, Connection Theory of Supermanifolds, Theory of Relativity and Cosmology.

Mrs. Shapla Shirin


Dr. Mohammad Babul Hasan

Operations Research and Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation, Optimization, Numerical analysis, Stochastic Programming, Engineering optimization, Production planning under uncertainty

Dr. Salma Nasrin

Algebra, Analysis, Lie Group, Lie Algebra, Representation Theory

Dr. Samir Kumar Bhowmik

Mathematical and Numerical analysis, Mathematical biology, Computational finance, Scientific computing, Wave propagation, Seismic imaging, Numerical linear algebra.

Dr. Chandra Nath Podder

Mathematical Biology/Epidemiology, Dynamical Systems

Dr. Mohammad Riazuddin Molla

Mathematics, Theoretical Physics

Md. Kutub Uddin

Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics & Fluid Dynamics

Sarker Md. Sohel Rana


Md. Motaleb Hossain, PhD

Mathematical Hydrology, Mathematical Biology

Dr. Nepal Chandra Roy

Fluid Dynamics, Reacting Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Md. Kamrujjaman

Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Dr. Sohana Jahan

Graph Theory, Matrix Optimization, Neural Network

Md. Rajib Arefin

Evolutionary game theory and epidemic modeling

Touhid Hossain

Operation Research, Numerical Methods

Dr. Ashrafi Meher Niger

Mathematical Modelling in Biology, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis

Md. Asadujjaman

Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Algebra and Analysis, Operations Research and Optimization

Dr. Md. Shariful Islam

Global Analysis/ Numerical analysis/ Dynamical system and Mathematical Modeling.

Md. Jasim Uddin

Dynamical System, Game Theory, Mathematical Modeling in Biology

Md. Shapan Miah

Differential Geometry

Amit Kumar Saha

Dynamical System, Mathematical Modeling in biology, Mathematical Finance, Numerical Analysis

Dr. Md. Ainul Islam

Operations Research and Applied Mathematics

Haridas Kumar Das (On study Leave)

Operations research and Optimization, Algebra and Analysis, Mathematical Physics

Md. Mamun-Ur-Rashid Khan (On study Leave)

Operations Research, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Epidemiology

Doli Rani Pal (On study Leave)

Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Biology and Dynamical System

Farhana Ahmed Simi (On Study Leave)

Operations Research, Ordinary Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Algebra

Md. Hasib Uddin Molla (On study Leave)

Numerical Methods and Optimization, Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Optimal Control, Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

Saiful Islam

Biomathematics, Neural Networks, Statistical & Computational Mathematics, Dynamical System.