Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Majibur Rahman

Industrial Biotechnology, Enzyme Technology & Molecular biology, Food Microbiology

Dr. Mahmuda Yasmin

Virology, Medical Microbiology, Oncology

Dr. Sabita Rezwana Rahman

Major research fields included Immunology (Monoclonal antibody), Multidrug Resistant Infections and Molecular Pathogenesis of E.coli, Staphylooccus aureus.

Dr. Anowara Begum

Environmental Biotechnology and Public Health

Dr. ShaKila Nargis Khan

1. Recombinant gene products and their application in biotech industries, 2. Genetic improvement of industrially important genes encoding enzymes, 3. Agriculturally important microorganisms and their application as Biopesticides, 6. Integrated pest management for vector borne diseases, 4. Isolation and characterization of antibacterial and anticancer proteins, peptides and metabolites, 5. Probiotic Technology for application in shrimp industries and fish aquaculture

Dr. Muhammad Manjurul Karim

Recombinant gene products for biotech application, In vitro diagnostics of neglected tropical diseases, Probiotic Technology for application in high-value aquaculture crops, PGPR as bioinoculants for coastal agriculture

Dr. Marufa Zerin Akhter

Microbial Biotechnology, Clinical Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Sangita Ahmed

Environmental Pollution and Bioremediation, Foodborne pathogens and food safety

Dr. Sunjukta Ahsan

Cancer biology, Antibiotic resistance, Phylodynamics, Bacterial biofilms and antibiotic resistance, Salmonella enterica serovars Typhi

Dr. Munawar Sultana

Environmental pollution and toxicology, Antimicrobial resistance mechanism and drug development, Veterinary Microbiology, Molecular Biology

Mohammad Anwar Siddique


Md. Abu Sayem Khan

Microbial metabolism, Virology, Clinical microbiology

S. M. Tanjil Shah

Public Health and Epidemiology, Probiotics and Beneficial Microorganisms, Immunology and Virology

Md. Rafiul Islam Ranga

Bioinformatics, Virology, Immunology