Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Saber Ahmed Chowdhury

Human Rights, Governance

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam (Rafiq Shahariar)

Peace and Conflict Studies

Dr. Md. Touhidul Islam

Conflict and Conflict Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Peace Process, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformaiton, Human rights and inclusivity, Conflict, displacement, migration and settlement, Hosting displaced Rohingyas in Bangladesh and refugee management

Saifuddin Ahmed

Governance, Local Government, Local level conflict, NGO, Poverty, Contemporary Political Analysis, International Politics and Global Governance, Human Rights

Dr. Sazzad Siddiqui

Public Intellectualism

Maria Hussain

Refugee and forced migration, Human Rights, Peace building and Conflict transformation, religion and peace making

Obayedul Hoque Patwary

Climate change and conflict, Terrorism and counter-terrorism, Conflict transformation

Anurug Chakma

Quantitative research method, Automated text analysis (computational method) in conflict research, Machine learning and text mining in conflict research, Peace and conflict research

F. M. Tunvir Shahriar

Conflict Criminology, Peacemaking Criminology, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Diplomacy, Religious Radicalism, Transnational Terrorism, Genocide, Ethnic Conflict

Tanima Megdalina Corraya

Peace and Conflict Studies