Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Abdur Rashid

Herbal Medicine, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation, Spectroscopy and Structural Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry

Dr. Monira Ahsan

Clinical investigation, Pharmacological activity screening, Natural Product Chemistry

Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Masud

Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry

Dr. Md. Shah Amran


Dr. Md. Aslam Hossain

Ph.D. Course, M. Pharm Course

Dr. A.T.M. Zafrul Azam

Nucleic Acids Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biomolecular Pharmacy, Biotechnology & Molecular Biology, Public Health

Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid

Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Fugal Metabolites

Dr. Firoj Ahmed

1. Search for bio-active natural compounds from natural resoueces 2. Quality evaluation of marketed food products in Bangladesh

Dr. Abu Asad Chowdhury

Cellulose Chemistry

Dr. Mohammad Rashedul Haque

Medicinal chemistry, Natural product chemistry

Dr. Mohammad Sharifur Rahman

Molecular Cell Biology, Pharmaceutical Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry

Dr. Md. Ruhul Kuddus

Recombinant expression of antimicrobial peptide, Phytochemistry

Dr. Fahima Aktar

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Tasnuva Sharmin

Autophagy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Mohiminul Adib

Natural product isolation and drug design along with their synthesis. 

Quazi Sufia Islam

Neuropharmacology, Phytochemistry