Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Shariful Alam Khandakar

Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Magement, organizational and workplace learning

Dr. Santus Kumar Deb

Tourism, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding, Sustainable Tourism Development, and E-Tourism

Md. Kamrul Hassan

Climate Change and Environment, Sustainable Development, Destination Planning and Management, Research and Markeing

Nusrat Jahan

Tourism Experiences and Service dominant Logic, Tourist behavior and Tourist Communication, Young tourists behavior formation, Generation X and Y as tourist, Mixed research approach

Samshad Nowreen

Area of Interest

Dr. Muhammad Shoeb-Ur-Rahman

Tourism Studies

Dr. Saud Ahmed

Sport Tourism

Takrima Sayeda

Tourism Economics, Exchange rates, International Economics

Prosanjit Saha

Tourism and Well being, Community based entrepreneurship, Tensions and paradoxes in hybrid organisations, Tourism Social entrepreneurship, Equality, diversity and inclusion, Theory-based evaluation methods

Abdullah Al Muneem

Hospitality Management


Tourism and hospitality related arena, Housekeeping management, Community-based tourism development, Marketing and sustainability of tourism areas

Biplab Roy

Community Based Tourism, Backpacking Tourism, Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism

Samia Afrin Shetu

Tourism & Hospitality Management, sustainability issues, Marketing

Kahkasha Wahab

Quality Control in Tourism, Heritage Conservation, Smart Tourism, Tourism, Hospitality, Branding