Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Mohammad Jahangir Alam

The Realization of Common Aspects of Truth in Religion, Acculturation and Social Integration

Dr. Md. Shaikh Farid

History of Education, Missionary Education, Comparative and International education, Islam and Bioethics, Ethics in ARTs, Organ Donation.

Dr. Mohammad Elius

Research Interest

Dr. Md. Abu Sayem

Religions and Environmental Issues, Faith communities and Ecological Concerns, Eco-religions, Eco-spirituality and World Religions, Islam and Environmentalism in Bangladesh, Multi-faith dialogical initiatives for environmental sustaiability

Dr. Father Tapan Camillus De Rozario


Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud

Religious Diversity, Said Nursi's Life and thought, Risale-I Nur, Islam and contemporary issues, Women and Religion, Sufism, peacebuilding and conflict resolution

Md. Abu Taher

Theology, Interfaith Dialogue, Environment, History

Dr. Shafi Md. Mostofa

Secularization, Terrorism, Radicalization, Authoritarianism, Modern South Asia, Political Islam, and the Clash of Civilizations

Md. Mohsin Reza (Study Leave)

1. Comparative Religions, 2. Religious Freedom in Bangladesh, 3. Human Rights and Social Development in Islam and Sikhism, 4. Women in World Religions

Shafiul Islam (Study Leave)

Science and Religion, Environment and Religion

Md. Didarul Islam (Study Leave)

Refugee, Forced Migration and Humanitarian Crisis, Terrorism, Radicalisation and Conflict, Counter Terrorism (CVE Policy), De-radicalisation

Ayesha Siddika (Study Leave)

Eco-theology, Environmentalism, Women Empowerment, Refugee Crisis, Forced migration, Refugee repatriation

Shahla Shahreen (Study Leave)

Radicalization, Religious Extremism, Religious Violence, Interfaith Dialogue, Gender and Religion

Niloy Roy

Religion and Environment, Global Politics, Ethics, Interreligious Dialogue, Religion and Science, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Indigenous Religions of Bangladesh

Debashis Das

Communal Violence, Conflict Resolution, Liberation War of Bangladesh, Politics, Social Movements, Secularisation, Culture, Poetry, Comparative Religion, Philosophy