Profile of Centre for Bioinformatics Learning Advancement and Systematics Training (CBLAST)

A total of 9 courses are available now in our website:

  • C1 (Fundamental Bioinformatics: Databases & Data Mining),
  • C2 (Fundamental Bioinformatics: Sequence Analyses, Functional Annotation & Phylogeny)
  • C5 (Computational Proteomics and Systems Biology)
  • C6 (Introduction to UNIX and Linux),
  • C7 (Perl/Bioperl for Bioinformatics),
  • C8 (Python/Biopython for Bioinformatics),
  • C9 (Basic Statistics & R for Bioinformatics) and
  • C10 (Cheminformatics: Drug Target Discovery and Computer-aided Drug Design).
  • C14 (NGS data analysis: ChIP-seq, RNA-seq & eQTLs)