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    The Environmental Club (Year:2010)

    The Department of Geography & Environment's Environment Club is a volunteer group formed to serve our surrounding environment and create public awareness within the commons regarding environmental conservation practices. This is a non-profit organization devoted to assessing different environmental issues and their socioeconomic aspects. The goal of this club is to bridge the gap between a hypothetical framework and social reality in terms of environmental protection by spreading our perceptions to the larger Boulder community.


    The club was formed and is operated by the Department of Geography & Environment, University of Dhaka. It is a volunteer organization that receives no financial assistance or support from national or international governments. The major sources of its income for covering its normal expenses are membership subscriptions and philanthropy from individual people and national organizations.


    The Club arranges seminars, meetings, conferences, and workshops to draw attention to and educate the public on general and specialized environmental concerns. It organizes rallies and demonstrations to raise public awareness and ensure widespread engagement in environmental issues. The group is also involved in organizing National Environment Olympiads to commemorate World Environment Day.